Famous Quotes About Death And Life

Some come to the spiritual life because of suffering some in order to understand life. We are in a constant state of transformation.

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I do not fear death.

Famous Quotes About Death And Life. I think about life and death a lot. Death is beautiful when seen to be a law and not an accident It is as common as life Henry David Thoreau Men fear Death as children fear to go in the dark. Who shall say where the one ends and where the other begins Edgar Allan Poe There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.

Life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced Søren Kierkegaard Quotes about Death Life is for the living. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Life is for the living.

Death as sad as it may be is perhaps the most beautiful thing ever created by God. Death is for the dead. Once the thunderstorm is over youll see flowers.

Dying is a wild night and a new road Emily Dickinson 17. Let life be like music. Losing someone is inevitable.

If a man can bridge the gap between life and death if he can live on after hes dead then maybe he was a great man. Death is not the opposite of life but a part of it. The goal isnt to live forever the goal is to create something that will.

William Shakespeare Quotes About Death And when he shall die Take him and cut him out in little stars And he will make the face of Heaven so fine That all the world will be in love with night And pay no worship to the garish sun From Romeo and Juliet Loves not Times fool though rosy lips and cheeks. Discover and share Famous Quotes About Life And Death. But they cross over this Maya who takes refuge in me.

At the point of death the pain is over. Death is just another journey without death there will never be birth and life. Life hurts a lot more than death.

And death a note unsaid Langston Hughes Wikimedia Commons. And death a note unsaid Langston Hughes The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Life asked death why do people love me and hate you death replied because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.

In the short term youll see a thunderstorm. There is love in holding and there is love in letting go. Death is peaceful life is harder.

God pours life into death and death into life without a drop being spilled. Death is for the dead. And death a note unsaid Langston Hughes.

And as that natural fear in children is increased with tales so is the other. The three Gunas make up my divine Maya difficult to overcome. That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.

Bhagavad Gita Quotes on Life and Death. Some come through a desire. Let life be like music.

Death is for the dead. The states of sattva rajas and tamas come from me but I am not in them. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.

Nothing is a matter of life and death except life and death. Life and death are illusions. Its strange that they fear death.

Life is for the living. Death is not the greatest loss in life. It is not length of life but depth of life.

Yeah I guess it is a friend. Let life be like music. This is beautifully illustrated by Bill Watterson the creator of Calvin and Hobbes Death is temporary and the meaning of life and death.

Jim Morrison 16.

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