Funny Quotes About Blood Donation

The need is constant the gratification is instant Give blood. The nurse at the front desk notices them waiting and asks them if they know their blood types.

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Here are 7 funny blood donation slogans.

Funny Quotes About Blood Donation. Related quotes body community helping kindness medical. Dont let mosquitoes get your blood first. Donate save a life make it Divine If you really want to lend a hand lend an arm A single pint can save three lives a single gesture can create a.

Anonymous blood donation quotes funny Someones blood saved my life and made my mom smile was that you A 5 yr old Kid A bottle of blood saved my life was it yours You dont have to be somebodys family member to donate blood- Anonymous blood donation on birthday quotes. A preist a pastor and a rabbit walk into a blood donation clinic. It looks like an emergency transfusion is in order.

Every drop of blood is like a breath for someone. Simple powerful straight to the point exactly the way slogan should be. Starve a mosquito donate blood.

The Blood Donor of today may be recipient of tomorrow. He doesnt have to worry about his iron being too low. A life may depend on a gesture from you a bottle of Blood.

To the young and healthy its no loss. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. We have compiled top 20 blood donation quotes and slogans to promote blood donation.

The life you save may be your childs. Your little effort can give others second chance to live life. The gift of blood is the gift of life.

Give the gift of blood the gift of life 52. The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. You never know Bon Iver may have a point.

Blood Donation Is A Great Act Of Kindness 2. A Preist a Pastor and a Rabbit. Your blood is replaceable.

Give blood 8 Million mosquitoes cant be wrong. Blood Drive Blood Donation Serious Business Blood Cells Holidays And Events Jelly Jokes Shit Happens Doughnuts. You can be a life saver without knowing swimming 48.

Blood is a life pass it on. 10 Chuck Norris jokes A friend and her husband were participating in a blood drive and as part of the prescreening process an elderly volunteer was asking some questions. You are somebodys type Please donate.

Theyre very low on specific types of blood as usual. Have a big heart. Funny Blood Donation Slogans.

Blood donors bring a ray of hope 51. Blood banks cannot get blood from stone 50. One day that someone may be a close relative a friend a loved oneor even you.

Chuck Norris does not take showers he just takes bloodbaths. Blood Donation Quotes and Slogans Blood is love life and Joy. With a chair-y on top.

Donate blood and be the reason of smile to many faces Blood Donation will cost you nothing but it will save a life Your blood is precious. Dont Let mosquitoes get to your blood first. The life you save may be your childs.

Donate blood and save lives. The Blood Donor of today may be a recipient of tomorrow. The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life.

It feels good It makes me Proud I am a blood donor. The donation of blood makes the difference between life and death 47. A bottle of blood saved my life was it yours.

Always give 100 unless youre donating blood. The rest of us might want to eat some steak and spinach just in case. Funny Quotes On Blood Donation.

Blood donation would not hurt you but it would save a life 49. Donate your blood for a reason let the reason to be life Use to raised awareness for a blood drive at Crowne Plaza Kuala Lumpur the quote reminds you that donating blood means supporting lifes. John bellowed Anyone else want to donate blood to chair-ity He ducked into the the door and bashed one monster right in the wig screaming Theres some dessert.

You are Rock Star in someones life donate blood. Donate your blood for a reason let the reason to be life. Saving lives is a great way to meet new people.

The rabbit hurriedly hops up and says Yep Im a type A-. It looks like an emergency transfusion is in order. Powerful blood donation quotes that will really make you want to give blood and save lives starting from today.

I give blood just for cookies. Blood donation is the way to stay healthy. Donating blood is a wonderful service to humankind.

He doesnt have to worry about his iron being too low. Have you ever paid for sex. Blood Donation Quotes 1.

Blood Donation Good Humor Just In Case Iron Man No Worries Spinach Steak Rest Superhero. He whipped the chair around and actually split one of the things in half with the impact spilling the spray of blood that was reflective like mercury. We want your blood.

Starve a vampire donate blood. A life is not. Blood donation is the real act of humanity.

Discover and share Funny Blood Donation Quotes. Its in your blood to help save a life.

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