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Phrase Flying Colours References. A friend recently told me her child passed a school exam ‘with flying colours’. All of the combinations mean ‘ to succeed ‘.

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However, i would characterize it as being som. Having passed this first test in use on a commercial aircraft at the start of 2008 with flying colors, the electrical brake looks to have a promising future ahead of it.: What does pass with flying colors expression mean?

A Friend Recently Told Me Her Child Passed A School Exam ‘With Flying Colours’.

I agree that it's an idiom; A long time ago, ships coming into port flew coloured flags, to show. Definition of pass with flying colours in the idioms dictionary.

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But what are these colours? George farquar, 'the beaux's stratagem. All of the combinations mean ‘ to succeed ‘.

The Term Comes From The Practice Of A Victorious Fleet Sailing Into Port With Flags Flying From All The Mastheads.

This term has a nautical history. Ask question asked 2 years, 1 month ago. Jun 2, 2020 at 18:03.

One Commenter Says It's Informal, Whereas Another Commenter Says It's Not.

By 1700 or so it was being used figuratively, signifying any kind of triumph. Hello mohammed, you have two answers; If you pass a test with flying colours , you have done very well in the test.

Returning To Port, Victorious Naval Craft Advertised Their Success.

She may response it with a nah; They both passed with flying colours. Synonyms for flying colors include flourish of trumpet, overwhelming victory, thoroughly successful, triumph, success, achievement, accomplishment, victory, win and ascendancy.

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