Quotes About Animal Abuse In Circuses

Giving Ringling Bros your money supports animal cruelty. All living creatures deserve to live.

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If you cant love them dont abuse them.

Quotes about animal abuse in circuses. Hold back the abuse Someone needs to demand actions The circus abuses animals- these may all be phrases that one has heard countless times. Animals also have right to live. Oct 26 2013 – Dont support circuses that cruelly beat and cage animals in the name of entertainment.

An elephant at Loomis Bros. See more ideas about animal cruelty stop animal cruelty animal abuse. PLEASE BOYCOTT ALL CIRCUSES THAT HAVE ANIMALS ANY ANIMALS.

Dont abuse the aminals adore them. Surely you dont want to teach your children that that beating animals into submission is entertainment. Elsewhere a majestic elephant the worlds largest land mammal is carefully balancing on a tiny pedestal and performing for the crowd Anastasia.

The principle of animal rights is nothing new smart people throughout the ages have understood that animals arent ours to use and abuse. We need to inform the public that there is nothing glamorous or romantic about the kind of animal abuse rampant in circuses today. Cirque de soleil uses only humans – go see that show instead.

Dec 11 2016 – Explore hailee oakss board animal cruelty quotes on Pinterest. Are your fancy jackets worth killing a life. Your meal stops a heartbeat.

Animals are also living creatures like human beings. In our previous post slogans for protest against dog fighting we presented slogans that can be used in protest against dog fights. These slogans can be used in anti-animal abuse awareness campaigns and protests.

In fact from the United States the circus receives roughly 1036 million people every day The Statistics Portal. It may be over for Ringling Bros. Circus but animals are still being used in circuses around the countryand they need your help.

Rather than helping circuses to flourish Water for Elephants can and should be a catalyst for bringing about an end to the use of animals in entertainment. Circus Quotes Animal Abuse Quotes Quotes About People Who Mistreat Their Animals Quotes About Neglecting Animals Animal Neglect Quotes Animal Abusers Hurt Quotes Depressing Quotes About Animals Abraham Lincoln Quotes Albert Einstein Quotes Bill Gates Quotes Bob Marley Quotes Bruce Lee Quotes Buddha Quotes. Elephants used in circuses films commercials and other.

In this post we are going to share with you a list of 97 Anti-Animal abuse slogans. Oct 26 2013 – Dont support circuses that cruelly beat and cage animals in the name of entertainment. Stop animal abuses in circuses for your entertainment.

Animals are beautiful creatures. 2175 Words 9 Pages. 9 As Florida police officer Blayne Doylewho shot 47 rounds into Janet an elephant who ran amok with three children on her back at the Great American Circus in Palm Baynoted I think these elephants are trying to tell us that zoos and circuses.

Flora an elephant who had been forced to perform in a circus and was later moved to the Miami Zoo attacked and severely injured a zookeeper in front of visitors. Circus struggled to stand after she was forced to perform in deep slippery mud. Undercover video footage of animal training sessions has shown that elephants are beaten with bullhooks and shocked with electric prods big cats are dragged by heavy chains around their necks and hit with sticks bears are whacked and prodded with long poles and chimpanzees are kicked and hit.

Circuses easily get away with routine abuse because no government agency monitors training sessions. In a circus somewhere right now an endangered tiger is leaping through a ring of fire as circus patrons gasp and then cheer. Animas also have emotions dont abuse them.

The following are some of our favourite quotes about animals from thinkers who made their mark on history. Oct 26 2013 – Dont support circuses that cruelly beat and cage animals in the name of entertainment. Stand against animal abuse.

However people s actions prove otherwise.

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