Quotes About George And Lennie Traveling Together

The great depression has caused everyone to become untrusting of each other. Lennie and George friendship undergoes an amount of challenges but no matter how big or threaten the challenge may.

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Quotes From Of Mice And Men Dealing With Friendship And Loneliness.

Quotes About George And Lennie Traveling Together. Right at the start of the play we find out about the relationship between George and Lennie. George warns Lennie that Curleys wife could get them into trouble. Following another telling off by George Lennie feels guilty that he is holding George back from doing all these pleasing things.

In Chapter 3 Slim notes that it is odd that George and Lennie travel together. Almost all men traveled alone suspicious of anyone and everyone–but George and Lennie had a strong bond and a close friendship one of which many other men could not understand. So he says I was only foolin George.

Scared of each other Steinbeck 35 John Steinbecks novella of mice and men is about two men Lennie and George who travel together in the 1930s during the great depression. We travel together Curley responds Oh so its that way Curley is. A guy got to sometimes – After George euthanized Lennie.

When Curley asks if they are the guys the boss was waiting for George replies. George and Lennie are unusual. Some quotes to show evidence they they are not like the other travelers are.

We travel together George said coldly. Maybe everbody in the whole damn world is scared of each other Click card to see definition. End of the novel.

To Slim George confesses. I wouldnt eat no ketchup if it was right here beside me George reminds Lennie that he would have such a great time without him. She took him in when he was a baby and raised him up.

Restless suggests he never gets a break this could be of Lennie. We g ot kinda used to each other we knew each other a long time. I hardly never seen two guys travel together.

I dont want no ketchup. 80-82 Curley using scorn makes the suggestion that George and Lennie are gay. Then he narrates the incident where he almost drowned Lennie.

This quote shows that George is the smarter one and it acts as a hook as we dont. Tap card to see definition. This quote also foreshadows the events that take place at the end of the novel.

George explains their history when he confides in Slim saying Him and me was both born in Auburn. He says this because most workers live alone traveling from job to job. The story begins with George Milton and Lennie Small traveling together along the Salinas River in California to find work.

Slim doesnt trust George and Lennie because they are different. George fully understanding this innuendo stands firm in his description of his close friendship and bond to Lennie. It aint so funny him an me goin aroun together George said at last.

God amighty if I was alone I could live so easy 112 Some part of George would enjoy an easy life without having to worry about Lennie. Lennie said I thought you was mad at me George No said George. George and Lennie are two migrant workers traveling together in search of work during the Great Depression which is something that went against normality at this time.

Somedaywere gonna get the jack together and were gonna have a little house and a couple of acres an a cow and some pigs and An live off the fatta the lan Lennie shouted. Id be scared too if he grabbed me. Whatd you take outa that pocket Hell no.

Him and me was both born in Auburn. It could turn out like it did in Weed. But he never hurt her Lennie A huge man bear drags his paws Aint you gonna give me hell.

Of Mice and Men Quotes with Analysis George Milton. You do bad things and I got to get you outAn you aint gonna do no bad things like you done in Weed neither. Never you mind said Slim.

Quotes George and Lennies Farm OK. – Lennies last words to George. Slim says You know how the hands are.

The subject of loneliness and friendship is explored in these quotes. George looked sharply at him. Lennie surreptiously retrieves the dead mouse when George sends him to find fire wood but George knows he grabbed it and disposes of it again.

George and Lennie travel together because they have known each other since they were children and a natural friendship developed over time. George travelled round with Lennie after his Aunt Clara died. Hardly none of the guys ever travel together.

As Lennie and George go over the shape of their dream and plan for the future they repeatedly define their friendship by saying that they are not like the other traveling workers. He just scared her. I knowed his Aunt Clara.

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